Visit America – The DON’Ts of Visiting The USA


Whether heading to New York, Washington, California or Chicago there are some general DON’Ts of visiting the USA. This video goes over the major things you should not do in the US. From touching the Americans, to not discussing certain topics, to how not to miss out on the food & culture the US has on offer.
This video is designed to teach travelers about the American culture and cultural differences and norms that may be found throughout the US. So if you are going to be visiting the USA, then this is a video you should watch so you better understand how Americans think, act and react in day to day settings.
Filmed in Mystic CT, USA – pictures from all over the United States.
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10 thoughts on “Visit America – The DON’Ts of Visiting The USA

  1. Don’t go anywhere in between LA and New York. Yes they are all the same. Mostly fat white racist Christians. Most of the legit Americans have either native american or some form of Mongoloid blood.

  2. If you’re driving in Arizona please remember the speed limit is +5 at the least and if you go under you’ll be flipped off accordingly but don’t throw a finger back because you’ll get ran off the road. At a four way intersection please remember biggest truck goes first, then barrel racers, then the most obnoxious car then everyone else but east valley stay at home moms always have the right of way. Ignore all construction speed signs go the regular speed limit the +5 rule still applies. Take turns in phoenix going 20 but in queen creek you must go 35+ while yelling “YEEHAW” that’s law.

  3. This is the first time I’ve heard someone say the food in America is cheap? When I went it was about the same as UK or more expensive? So by that logic tipping isn’t right?

  4. The biggest DONT of all is DONT come here. Fix your own shthole country instead of coming here and ruining ours.

  5. Lmao, after watching this and reading a lot of the comments it’s not a great sales pitch to attract visitors 😂.

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