US VISA Interview Process

Want to know what is is it like to apply for a visa at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul? Check out this video to find out more!

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  1. i am interviewed over Google and i was before the incoming of selection point in the company. I had to spoil and comeout in a hurry!!! donĀ“t know what to do?

  2. I live in Pakistan peshawar and i want go to Canada do you help me plzzzzzzz i am patan and every one and egents say me you are patan you are no going in Canada but why……?

    1. +Mc Donalds how do I believe a visa officer well send me a massage I do not believe I am not so lucky but you do not know anything about my story and life i have to live I have to be happy to read.i do not want to everything write like this

  3. Feels like you are going to jail, WTF!!! i’m going to stay in my country, this is crazy.

  4. I got my USA visa today. We made the line and a woman attended my mom and me. She asked us what was the purpose of the visit and I said to visit my cousin, then she asked what did we do in life and my mom answer she is a lawyer and that I am studying electrical engineering. Then she asked us if we travelled before and yeah we did 20 years ago and showed our old passports with those visas. Then after a while she with a consultant ,she approved our visas and even wished me good luck with my studies. So it was cool it is valid until 2029 Everything I answered was in english. So what I can say is:


  5. The rules is very simple, make a lot of money and power in your country then after you can travel every where in smoothly way lol

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