Upcoming Visa Requirements For Foreigner Headed To USA

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11 thoughts on “Upcoming Visa Requirements For Foreigner Headed To USA

  1. Thank you all for watching, new income.requirements, 41k for 2 person family, 53k for 3 person family and 71k for 5 person family

  2. Missed your show. I’m not missing the States at all. I’ll just go to Guam to take care of any problems

  3. Looks like your government is getting tired of picking up the mess from some bad decisions
    made by your fellow Americans…
    Australia started things along that line a long time ago…
    I wonder how many dating sites are going to loose members??
    I don’t know of ANY ex-pats here who earn that much living here….
    But I think it still has to get thru your congress????…

    Is $53,000 the poverty level in the U.S.A.???..

    1. The poverty level varies per state..each state depends on aid from government etc..they say from 12k year to 26 and up some states stop at 39k poverty level.. but the immigration is changing it from 21 k to 41k for 2..and 3 ..53 k..so more money needed them you have to have insurance and show that you make the money not including bonuses and overtime. Almost impossible..so k1 visa..will almost stop..to be in existence..because most men that is retiring and will have income most will not have 41k..income coming in unless many pensions..thank you my friend

  4. Shucks! I’ve missed this live streaming. I’ll catch you next time. Have a wonderful weekend guys😍

  5. Apparently, not all is as it seems, and the 250% is not a minimum requirement. It’s a heavily weighted factor, but 125% is still the minimum requirement. I found this in a response from DHS:
    “Any income between 125 percent and 250 percent of the FPG is still a positive factor in the totality of the circumstances. The 125 percent income threshold is based on the income threshold set by Congress for sponsors for a Form I-864, which is required for most family-based AOS applications and some employment-based AOS applications. In order to maintain consistency with the income threshold set forth in the Form I-864 context, DHS believes that the 125 percent threshold is appropriate for use in the public charge rule and will not lower the threshold. Any household income between 125 percent and 250 percent of the FPG is considered a positive factor in the totality of the circumstances.”

    1. Yeah.. if you will search same document . Search 250 percent..it shows new requirement.. I read all 837 pages..haha 8 hours..

    2. Yeah In fact I got confirmation today from rapid visa..it’s going up unless Congress stops it ..250 percent.. my friend..so it is horrible for many and I posted a link in discription..I also got like more links if you are interested. It’s is sad..

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