What are the UK vs USA differences in hotels? When you are choosing a hotel in London, there are some important things you’ll need to know. This video also shares information about bed and breakfast hotels in England and the UK in general.

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The blog also features a ‘Guide to London for Visitors’ with tips and strategies for planning your first London visit.

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  1. Listen up I am a true Brit and let me tell you Sunny you and your team are doing some fantastic work on promoting the British way of life .Here goes En suite bathroom means the bathroom is near by and on the same level . The word toilet is old French and means to clean he is at toilet at being clean. The British don’t think the word toilet is a dirty word unlike the U .S. A . When dealing with the British always think history first and the people that have gone before us and Sunny you can’t go wrong Cheers .

  2. A couple more tips. If you hear a page for Mr. Sands on the Underground, prepare to evacuate the station. Mr. Sands is the code for the fire response team to position itself at the location of a fire, and if needed, evacuation of the station will commence shortly. (The term Mr. Sands for the fire response team is taken from the theatre where a sand bucket was kept handy to extinguish fires. Mr. Sands was used so they could call the key people without causing a panic.)
    If a terrorist attack occurs, leave the area immediately. A common tactic of terrorists is to use a secondary attack to disrupt and possibly injure first responders.
    It would be helpful to know alternate transportation routes in case one is disrupted by an incident. I don’t just mean knowing different routes on the Tube, but bus lines as well in case service on the former is interrupted.
    Know local and vetted sources of information, such as the BBC, ITV and Sky News. Use social media to let your friends know you’re OK, but do not rely on it for news beyond trusted professional reporters.

  3. Not necessary to stay in London in order to be close (20 min Thames Clipper boat from Greenwich to St Paul’s and five more minutes to Westminster!). Posh hotels in central London are bargains at New Years week. Grosvenor at Victoria Station is a very good location.

  4. Hotels in London are more expensive as you are paying the London rate. Those outside of the capital can be cheaper. It’s like working for the same company in London and a branch outside London, the pay in London is payed a higher rate than the pay outside of London for doing the same job because of the London rate.

    1. +Justin Cuaresma thank you! My blog has a Guide for a london on the homepage that could be useful. Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable trip!

  5. Great video once again. My hubby and I were in London for a week in May. The hotel we stayed in was the Doubletree by Hilton Westminster, by the Tate Britain. Lovely hotel, very comfortable and clean. The only issue we had was there was virtually no place to put your folded clothes. One small drawer and a closet for hanging things but that was it! This hotel did provide face washcloths which was a very pleasant surprise!! All in all a great time and would definitely stay at this hotel again. 7 minute walk to Pimlico Tube station👏🏻👏🏻

    1. +Dianne Mastergeorge thank you for the great feedback! People planning a trip to London will appreciate your ideas and insight. Cheers!

    1. Sunny London I feel like you’ve covered everything I can think of! I’m just always looking for tips on things to do in London that aren’t super touristy! Maybe some good day trips from London?

  6. I have visited several times London recently. From my experience it is nearly impossible to find a decent room in the center of London below 160£ per night.
    London restaurants and hotels are very expensive in comparison to other European cities except Paris. And that is more evident when you choose a hotel near the safe and convenient center of London.
    Also the difference between three star and four star hotels in London isn’t necessarily the quality or the space or the cleanness. The difference is about what services its category offers. A room in a three star hotel in central London can be spacious, well maintained, clean with a big real bathroom. But without concierge services, swimming pool, gym, bars, laundry, 24 hours food at your room, business facilities etc which a four star hotel usually offers.
    In practice for my experience the difference between three star hotel and four isn’t always clear.
    On the other hand five star hotels are always by far better and much more expensive than four star hotels in London.
    The lowest room prices for three or four star hotels in London are during late January until early April. That period seems to be rainy but actually if you check Wikipedia for the climate data of London, that period is the less rainy.
    The difference in prices of five star hotels between months it is very small. Five star hotels in London drop very little their room prices no matter how much early you book or how popular a month is. They prefer to be half empty than change the type of clients they prefer. To be honest I like that. Mass tourism is a blessing and a curse.

    The best choice is to find a cheaper four star hotel outside the center in an safe, affluent suburb of London. The difference in room price can be easily 40% but you have to spent 30-40 minutes in the underground for your transport to the tourisland of London.

  7. Americans bring your own face cloth as UK hotels very rarely provide them. Towels yes, facecloth NO.
    One thing that is very annoying is those bathroom sinks that don’t have mixer taps so you try to wash your hands by quickly switching between scalding hot tap and cold tap.
    Air conditioning? LOL. In some modern hotels it’s great, in the old ones…open the window, which is not as bad as it sounds in the UK. Very rarely do you get biting bugs.
    The tea is awesome and should be drunk boiling hot with a little milk and maybe sugar. If you ask for lemon with your tea you might be asked to just throw your cuppa in the harbour.

    1. Richard Godwin Try putting the plug in the basin and mixing the hot and cold water together. That eay you only use the water you need to. Try Earl Gray tea with lemon, it is beautiful.

    2. It’s a great resource Sunny and well done. I’m a Brit who moved from London to Chicago 30 years ago and I travel to London quite regularly. (Twice already this year). I must say the UK has improved immeasurably since I left. Food’s way better as you say (much better than here now) and the pub opening hours are more user friendly. Traffic is still a nightmare there, I’d say even worse than LA. Tube and buses when they’re working are brilliant. Lots more free stuff to do in London too. Cheers

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