Travel to Cuba from the USA?? | Cara membuat Visa Cuba via Indonesia & Amerika (Bahasa Indonesia)

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Hi Good People…

Did you know it’s ILLEGAL to travel from the United States to Cuba as a tourist? We also didn’t know, until we had already bought our ticket from Singapore to Miami and wanted to book a ticket to Havana… So basically you can visit Cuba from anywhere in the world, except from the “Great America”. This law applies not only to Americans but to anyone. So if you’re in the same situation as us, living on the other way of the world and wanting to explore Florida for a few days before your Cuba holiday and you’ve already spent $$$$ on a flight ticket, you can do 3 things:
1) Give up, throw away the tickets and go to France instead
2) Spend more money and lose a few days by flying to Mexico City or the Bahamas first before flying to Cuba
3) Watch this video 🙂

Kali ini saya akan berbagi informasi tentang bagaimana cara untuk mengajukan visa Cuba melalui kedutaan di Indonesia dan juga cara mendapatkan visa Cuba via Amerika jika kalian ingin menggunjugi Cuba melalui Amerika. Tidaklah mudah jika kalian ingin ke Cuba melalui Amerika, mengapa??? So langsung saja di tonton videonya!
Terus untuk selalu membantu dan dukung Channel saya agar selalu membuat video2 yang bermanfaat dan menghibur GoodPeople, dengan membagikan atau share video2 saya kepada sanak saudara kalian, barangkali mereka membutuhkan informasi tersebut, dan semoga berguna bagi masyarakat Indonesia khususnya Travel People!
Selamat menonton 🙂

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