TOP TIPS – Moving to the USA from UK


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I’m going to do a whole other video on finding an apartment when you have zero credit rating…

Top tips are……

1. Passport- with at least 6 months until the expiration date. Ideally you’ll should have a lot longer than this because it will save you from going to the British Embassy soon after emigrating
2. Bring your Drivers Licence (make sure this is in-date to)
3. Get a Visa
4. Get a US SIM card – you’ll need to get a ‘no contract’ SIM because you won’t have any credit rating. Meaning you won’t be able to take out a phone contract. Providers include AT&T, US mobile, T mobile, Mint…. plus loads more.
5. Get a Social Security Number AS SOON AS YOU GET HERE! I can’t stress how important this
6. Get an apartment or at least stay in temporary accommodation (at the same residence) for 4 weeks or more.
7. Open a Bank Account – that’s in your area.You’ll need a letter or a bill or something official to say what you’re residence is. Work wrote me a letter stating my address. If you’re struggling to get a utility bill, I would ask the Airbnb host or hotel to write you a letter as your proof of address. This might work 😬 it’s worth a try. GET A CHEQUE BOOK (and argue the $20fee), I’ll explain why in another video
8. Get an AMEX (American Express) while your still in the UK! American Express will be able to give you a US credit card when you get here.

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  1. Hi, thanks for the video! Great help!!! I am also looking at the E2 visa as I currently own a software company in the UK, hoping this makes things easier. To ask, did you use an immigration service?

  2. Good video.

    Was your job through a UK company based in America or did you apply for jobs and sponsorship?

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