New USCIS New Visa Rules for Visa to USA

Well here is another video of the update to the one the other day I read and found some new rules. Please make sure you check with you attorney and or immigration lawyer because they are more knowledgable than me. This is for some of my Subscribers to look and decide what to do next..
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15 thoughts on “New USCIS New Visa Rules for Visa to USA

  1. It seems they are getting very nitpicky the feds they should build the wall and then the public assistance might decline and not out obstacles for the legal immigration bringing husband and wife from other countries

  2. Saw a news segment here in fl today. Scary. I fall in the category of having assets but my income is poverty level. Tom so you can no longer use your assets to compensate for your income

  3. Hey Tom, it will be intriguing to see how the actual implementation will work out.
    As you briefly mentioned, there ARE humanitarian considerations, that are in the Law for decades and I don’t think those will be null and void. One, the most important, is the family reunification. Here is the website:

    I see the new law as one that attempts to curtail immigration scams.

    I think you are also right that the immigration officer will have even more rights to make on the spot decisions.

    Question: have you read in the new law anything about B1 tourist visa new restrictions?

    I assume also, that for most of us expats the new rules will not make much difference, since we don’t plan on relocating back to the U.S. It would simply not be financially practical for us. So, a B1 visa would suffice for our spouses. Just to visit.

    1. @Tom and Ruth Philippine Adventures i have also heard rapid say the same thing early this year in their live stream as of 2019 if I am not mistaken. I would confirm with them too. This is why this really affects the Philippines. I would guess 80% of the marriage based visas are K1 because initially they are cheaper and somewhat faster to get your Filipina to the USA.

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