Jordyn Wieber (USA) Balance Beam Start Value 2011 Visa

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12 thoughts on “Jordyn Wieber (USA) Balance Beam Start Value 2011 Visa

    1. +Sophie I’m not saying you’re wrong, it’s just the most popular skills and connections. Douglas and Ross also had switch split + back pike ( or tuck), aerial walkover + bhs LOSO. The L turn is the go-to turn. Basically, the easiest / safest way to get high score.
      Her Johnson 1/2 was cool, I wish we saw more of these. And she had one of the cleanest bhs bhs 2 1/2 twist…

    2. +cyrielle _ same combo as Nastia but one arm bhs, standing full, like Shawn, same turn but that’s nothing, same switch leap to back pike except Shawn did lo so first, johnson with a half twist, Shawn did the johnson, same dismount 2 1/2 as nastia

    3. Her routine composition was a very basic ( popular type of skills and connections), apart from the Johnson 1/2 and the “never connected but nice to see” standing full twist + bhs.
      They should have stick to that instead of this terrible 2012 beam composition…

    1. +VIPShirlee03 her 2012 beam composition cost her the AA, and I blame her coach for being stupid to think this front walkover + tuck full + bhs would ever get credit. Had they kept her 2011 composition and work more on UB where she always lost so much on execution, she would have battle for an Olympic AA medal.

    2. very aggressive on performing her skills. However, the beam routine construction was tragic leading up to London. She was getting deductions for slow connections/missed connections on beam

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