How to Get F1 Visa with Low Grades,NO SAT for USA -Community Colleges USA For International Students

How to Get F1 Visa with Low Grades in USA – Community Colleges in USA For International Students
In this video you will get the idea if you have low gpa or have no SAT or have bad IELTS or TOEFL score , still you can apply in USA for F1 Visa. You will be getting admission in Community college in USA and then you can stay in community college for two years and then transfer to university for Bachelor degree.
There are around 95,000 international students who are enrolled in Community Colleges in USA in 2019. The video shows the data for last many years for international students enrolled in community colleges and it has been increasing.
There are around 10% of total international students who go to Community Colleges in USA. So the visa approval ratio is pretty good for community colleges.
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