How to apply to USA Universities for International Students Step by Step | F1 Visa for USA

In this video we are going to talk about What are the steps to apply for USA Universities.
1) Check your grades and make sure it make sense to apply for higher education in USA, sometime if your grades are too low, even university give you admission. Visa officers reject the application.
2) How find you Find the Universities… Use Google to find Universities and Program
3) is website where you can fill the application and
apply to many universities OR you can go to university website and apply directly.
4) How long it can take to fill Common App- Create your profile/Grades and other information etc.
5) You will be paying for each university. If you want to apply multiple universties, you can from common app.
6) You will be using credit card
7) Application process will start with university, if they need further documents , they will ask you.
8 ) University is not going to call you in pakistan most of the time, Keep checking your email, that is the best way to communicate.
9) How many days it took you to get I-20.
10) Univeristy need to send you i20, university will send you email with link and you have to pay the fee for mail. You can pay by credit card. $65
11) SEVIS…. $350 – Valid for one year.
You must have a complete and accurate Form I-20 or DS-2019 If you do not have an I-20 or DS-2019 or if the information on the form is incorrect, contact your school official or program sponsor.
Do not pay for a dependent child or spouse who is on an F-2, M-2, or J-2 visa. There is no I-901 SEVIS fee due for a dependent child or spouse for these visa types.
12) You will fill the SEVIS , provide SEVIS ID that is on your i20 or DS-2019.
13) DS -160 – is application for embassy to get appointment, you have to provide all the information, given you on i20,sevis info, sponsor,family background.
14) Go to Bank , check the embassy website which bank you need to Pay. Fee is $160$,
The bank is going to get money in Rupees.
15 ) Take your Appointment. You have to provide DS-160 Confirmation number.