“How Fast?’ Top Tips For Visitors Driving In The UK

Hints and tips for visitors driving in the UK for the first time, especially from the USA. Read more about first time driving in England for Americans: http://www.flydriveexplore.com/traveladvice/top-tips-for-driving-in-the-uk/

Yes the car, especially the windscreen (windshield) does need a wash

Driving manual (stick shift) on the other side ‘wrong’ of the road and a strange parental theory.

How to cope with a roundabout and driving on a UK motorway for the first time. Things you can’t buy at a UK petrol station and what are the speed limits.

Watch out for the speed cameras, they seem to be all over the place and we all see a sneaky speed camera van.

Driving in the UK is not that different from driving in the USA but don’t use the horn!!!!

Don’t worry, as you can see driving in the UK is not that difficult.

‘Top Tips For Visitors Driving In The UK’ – Filmed October 2017

EQUIPMENT – DJI Osmo and Mrs W.

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17 thoughts on ““How Fast?’ Top Tips For Visitors Driving In The UK

  1. I can imagine that it’s really hard for people coming from the USA. Our roads can be hard to navigate even for UK drivers

  2. Extremely helpful (and entertaining). I will be visiting from the US in September and this is, so far, the most useful video I’ve watched on driving. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the comments, just let us know if you have any specific questions. We will be in the visiting the USA in September, Finger Lakes.

  3. Your Dad is quite right, if you think about it, Castle stairs go up clock wise so the defenders, mostly being right handed can more easily defend the stairs from attackers coming up.

  4. There’s no right or wrong side to drive on the road, as long as the steering wheel is on the appropriate side of the car. I’m from the UK and found it easy driving coast to coast in the US last year, after a couple of hours for my brain to adjust, I was completely comfortable driving on the right.
    It was pleasing to see more roundabouts (traffic circles) cropping up in the US, this should improve traffic flow 👍🏻

    1. Yes, you do quickly adjust when driving in the USA. Although as you mention it is difficult when you drive a car in a different country, like a UK car in Europe.

  5. Britain was the first country in Europe to introduce a traffic system. Why we chose to drive on the left is anybody’s guess but unfortunately, when the French introduced their own traffic set-up they decided to drive on the right and the rest of mainland Europe followed suit. That’s how we ended up opposite to everyone else.

  6. As a commercial driver…got to say pretty good driving..it’s quite rare to find people who know where and what they should be doing when driving….
    The things that pisses me off most during days is not traffic…it’s the bends and very narrow roads..over the years..I’ve literally gone in wrong sides of road doing less than speed limits because the bends are so sharp…the people who designed it are idiots with no concern for safety..
    The second biggest thing that pisses you off is how regulated it is…Almost 100K a year for last 5 years and i still don’t know what most of them mean…i think the only ones i focus on are speed limits and directions and red lights…almost everything else is ignored..try going down a 5 mile strecth and see literally 100 different signs…treat speed limits like gods and slam on the brakes at every light because of fear of losing your license over any concern for safety…
    I pay about £3K PA extra for last 2 years in vehicle running because I went through an amber light..just under 3 years ago…wtfff is wrong with this country and it’s citizens are amongst the most depressive and self destructive in the world…does not mean all but 99….% of time it’s true..I met people everyday
    Spent the last 15+ years in this country…I get along with all people but not a single british friends without avoiding them of any sorts…i have Russian friends..Europeans..African…Asians…everywhere else from the world but not a single friend that is british or that I would spend time with unless I had to..

  7. You didn’t teach how to swear and use your main beams to indicate your an audi driver. Tailgating is essential in an Audi and BMW. Step up your game

    1. Bloody hell. Do you know where they are located and how and when to use them. Did you top up your indicator fluid?

    2. Thats the next lesson – how to drive and inch from the car in front at 85mph with the main beams on. I did have and upgrade on the car so mine came with indicators.

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