Holiday Traveling for Visa Holders | Kameli & Associates Immigration Q&A Live Show | 12/11/2019

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In this Live Show, John Floss an Attorney at The Law Offices of Kameli Associates, answers viewer questions in real-time, focusing on frequently asked questions regarding , such as:

•I have a Student Visa F1 What I need to go out the Country and Come back In with no problem?

•I have a green card “permanent resident”. I am in the process to renew my green card, can I travel in and out the US at that moment?

•I have a green card but my native passport will expire during my trip (for holidays) can I get back in the US showing my Green card and my expired passport?

•I am coming from EU for the holidays to see my relatives in US and Canada. I got my ESTA Tourist Visa for USA. During my stay in the USA I would like to leave the country and Visit Canada for a week. Will I need a new ESTA to re-enter the country, or my existing one is still active for the 3 month period?

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