After K1 visa approval how soon must fiance travel To USA? The K1 Fiance visa is valid for a maximum of 6 months. The validity period starts, NOT on the day of visa approval, but on the day of the medical mandated by the consulate, which normally takes place a few weeks or more prior to the interview.

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After a lengthy and complicated process your fiancé has finally
been given the opportunity to interview at the US consulate.
The interview has gone well, all smiles at the end. And about
two weeks later the package arrives via courier to your
partner’s home with her or his passport inside and the visa
allowing travel to the USA printed on one of the pages.

The visa is stamped into your Fiancee’s passport. Look for
the Expiration Date.

The Expiration date is the very last day that your partner
can board an and start travel to the USA. This means your
partner could wait until 11:59 on that date, to pass through
immigration at her or his country to board the aircraft.
As long as the travel began before midnight, even if arrival
in USA is a day or so after the expiration, it still counts.
She or he will be allowed to enter the USA. Of course I would
never recommend waiting till that last minute. Too many
things might go wrong, like the aircraft being delayed.

When making your travel plans, it’s important to look at and
be sure you know the EXACT expiration date.

You should check because you might be surprised that the time
available is not the 6 months that is expected. The visa should
be valid for 6 months. However when the 6 months starts is not
the day of the interview and visa approval, instead the clock
started ticking before the interview.

Before the interview your fiancee went to a medical clinic that
was appointed by the consulate and underwent a full medical,
health check up, and had all vaccinations verified.

US immigration wants to make sure that your partner is
relatively healthy on the day of arrival. And the CDC considers
a medical exam to be accurate for only 6 months. So instead of
the visa being valid for six months from the interview,
instead it is for six months from the medical examination.

Usually this does not make any material difference when
the medical was taken a few days or weeks preceding the
consular interview. But some fiancee’s are so eager that they
organize their medical examinations months early. And if this
is what you’ve done, Double check the expiration date because
instead of a leisurely approximate six months after the
interview you may only have two or three or four months remaining
before the visa expires.

Here are my tips for today.

#1. Schedule the medical close to the time of the consular interview.
Between one and three weeks prior to the interview is the sweet spot,
that gives ample time to get the medical accomplished despite,
possible weather problem, such as rain and floods, and
power outages, but still allows plenty of time for the validity period
for the visa.

#2. Check for typos.
The first thing to do once the visa arrives is to closely examine
it for any typos. If your fiancee’s name has been spelled wrong,
you will need to return the visa to the consulate for reprinting.
This does happen, and if you don’t catch it, your fiance will be
turned away at the airport when attempting to board.

#3. Don’t book flights, chapels, honeymoons until AFTER Visa
arrives and has been checked.
Regardless of how many visas arrive
on time within 2 business weeks of the interview without any typos,
there all always the exceptions. Sometimes a delay at the consulate,
or courier, or anything. As excited as you are to bring your
fiance home, as attractive as the bargain, limited time offer
plane tickets are, you will be best served to wait until the visa
is safely in the hands of your fiancee before making
non-refundable commitments.

20 thoughts on “After K1 visa approval how soon must fiance travel To USA?

  1. In one video,, you have told that B2 is only for tourism,,, but in reality it is mentioned as medical and tourism. So it can impact on the result

    1. I just asked about your word on B2 visa where you emphasized that it is only for tourism,,,, how medical word omitted

    1. Most of my K1 visas for India currently take 8 to 10 months from submission of application till visa approval. After approval visa is valid for 6 months from day of medical.

  2. Good morning,,I’m allowed to use fiance Visa even I’m not legally separated from my ex husband? But I’m separate in long years ago,,

    1. Hi, mi fiances k1 visa was last friday and we got a 221g for mising a document. Do you know the averague time for a response we are goingo to send the mising documents today in dhl. Is there any hope for us ?

    2. You are still MARRIED. Only those who are NOT married are eligible for Fiance Visas. After you get divorced, or get annulled, only then may you apply for fiance visa.

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